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New Digital System Fusion Products
New Digital System Fusion Products
Yaesu is proud to announce the addition of the FT-1DE, FTM-400DE and DR-1XE products to the European market.

These models form the key components of the Yaesu SystemFusion Digital Amateur Radio solution offering advanced communications capabilities using a 4 level FSK (C4FM) Digital Modulation scheme which provides a 9.6KB data rate in a standard 12.5KHz Analogue channel.

The FT-1DE is a 5W Dual Band handheld Transceiver with advanced Digital Communications capabilities whilst retaining all the features of Analogue FM.

The FTM-400DE is a 50W Dual Band mobile transceiver with 3.5" Full Colour Touch Screen display supporting all the features of Yaesu SystemFusion including displaying pictures taken with the Camera microphone MH-85A11U from either the FTM-400DE or FT-1DE.

The DR-1XE Digital Repeater Dual Band Repeater operates in both Digital SystemFusion mode and Analogue FM. Using its unique Automatic Mode Selection ( AMS) function, it can automatically convert incoming Digital Signalling to Analogue FM on the Repeaer output frequency to enable both Analogue and Digital users to both communicate at the same time through the repeater. It includes the necessary standard features required for a repeater including morse ID, Repeater timeout, CTCSS and DCS access . Remote control and shutdown facilities available.

Details of these exciting products can be found by selecting the Digital pages on this webpage.


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