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SM-5000 Station Monitor  
SM-5000 Station Monitor
The Yaesu SM-5000 provides a visual display of the VFO-A band spectrum. Both strong and weak signals are clearly depicted.

The integrated stereo speakers provide comfortable receiver audio.

This unit is designed to be used in conjunction with the FT-DX5000 Premium Transceiver


Note: The SP-5000 is included with the FTDX-5000D and the FTDX-5000MP transceivers.
Dual 65 x 25mm oval speakers direct the sound toward the front. The audio response is specially tailored for shortwave reception.
[A+B] Switch selects the speaker output mode during Dual Receive operation. The left speaker produces audio from the VFO-A receiver, while the right speaker produces audio from the VFO-B receiver. You can also receive mixed audio (VFO-A + VFO-B) simultaneously on both speakers.
Phase Inversion is possible, giving depth to the audio sound characteristics.

Sound Quality
The received audio can be controlled with four additional choices via the SP-5000's Audio Setting Menu:

  • Clear;
  • Mild;
  • Soft; and
  • Loudness
The SM-5000 Spectrum Scope provides a visual display of an amateur band segment tuned by the VFO-A receiver. The default bandwidth allows you to see both strong and weak signals clearly depicted on the monitor screen.
The LBWS (Limited Band Width Sweep) function provides very high-speed signal detection over a limited segment of the currently displayed spectrum.
The CTR (Centre) display mode will let you monitor signals close to your current frequency (located at the centre of the screen).
The FIX mode will have the left band edge frequency fixed, and your operating frequency may be indicated within the displayed bandwidth.
Display Contrast can easily be adjusted; its illumination level will mirror the FTDX-5000 illumination level.

Note: the Vertical Axis of the Spectrum Scope display is approximately 10dB per division.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice

Specifications SM-5000
Input Voltage  13.8VDC, 1A (Max), Supplied from the FTDX-5000's rear panel
Operating Temperature Range  -10ºC to +50ºC
Speaker Aperture  65 x 25mm; Left and Right speakers are identical
Maximum Audio Output 1.5W + 1.5W (@ 8Ω)
Case Size (W x H x D, mm)  462 x 45 x 181
Weight (Approx, kg)  2.5
  • SM-5000
  • Mini-DIN Cable
  • V-AF Cable
  • DC Power Cable
  • Side Plates (L & R, with Screws)
  • Operating Manual
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