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VR-120 Professional Communications Receiver  
VR-120 Professional Communications Receiver
For the monitoring professional who's on the go, the VR-120 Hand-held Receiver is the ideal choice.  Featuring wide-band AM/FM coverage from 100 kHz up to 1300 MHz (cellular blocked), rugged construction, and amazing ease of operation, the VR-120 provides up to 640 memory channels, so you can store all your favourite stations, whether they're on shortwave, local AM broadcast, or FM public service frequencies. Optional external DC input.
Ultra-Long Battery Life

The VR-120 is specially designed for low battery life, typically providing 20 hours of operation on a pair of "AA" Alkaline batteries (at 40 mW audio output). The Battery Saver function reduces battery drain dramatically when no signals are being received.
Straightforward 4-Button Operation

The no-nonsense front panel of the VR-120 contains four large keys which are used for command of the receiver’s many operating functions. These keys, the “Function” key on the side, and the Main Tuning Knob are all you need to tune in on the DX action! The display and function keys are fully illuminated, for ease of operation at night.
Wideband Frequency Coverage with Easy Access

The VR-120 provides continuous coverage of the frequency range 0.1 ~ 1299.995 MHz (cellular frequencies are blocked and non-restorable). This wide frequency range is conveniently separated into twelve band segments, for maximum convenience. When you set a frequency, the operating mode (AM/FM/Wide-FM) and channel steps appropriate for that frequency range are automatically selected, for ease in tuning around in search of other stations. Of course, you can manually select the mode and tuning steps, if you have other requirements in that tuning range.
Simple One-Touch Memories for High Priority Stations

You can set up the VR-120 so that four high-priority stations may be recalled from special memory channels, using a single press of one of the front panel keys.
Versatile 640-Channel Memory System

The VR-120 includes a versatile 640-channel Memory system, which allows partitioning of the channels into ten “Banks” of 64 channels each. You can group shortwave broadcast, FM broadcast, Public Safety, and Amateur Radio channels separately, for maximum tuning convenience!
Wide Selection of Scanning Modes

Efficient scanning is the key to any receiver’s performance, and the VR-120 is a champion when it comes to scanning! A special “Search Band Scanning” function assigns seven memory channels as scanning limits, and for skipping particular frequencies a 64-channel “Skip” memory bank lets you tune past stations you don’t need to monitor. Among the Memory Scan features are: •Full Memory Scan •Memory Bank Scan •Selected Memory Channel (“Preferential”) Scan •Programmable Band-Limit Memory Scan (PMS) •Smart Search™ (Automatic Memory Loading) •Priority Channel Watch •Dual Watch
Expanded Fun and Games

The VR-120 includes a “Channel Counter” feature, which measures the frequency of a very strong signal in your immediate vicinity, allowing you to zero in manually on the other station’s frequency. And if you experience a lull in the monitoring action, play the VR-120 Slot Machine Game! A three-column random-number generator lets you match your wits against the VR-120’s microprocessor in an amusing game of chance
Frequency Range: 100 kHz ~ 1299.995 MHz*
Receiving Mode: AM/FM/WFM
Circuit Type: Triple Conversion Super-heterodyne
Memory Channels: 640 Channels
Memory Banks: 10 Banks (@ 64 Channels)
Antenna Impedance: 50-Ohm unbalanced, BNC receptacle
Intermediate Frequencies: 248.45 MHz, 15 MHz, 450 kHz
Sensitivity (Typical):  200 kHz ~ 5 MHz: AM 3.5 dB  (1.5  V)
5 ~ 160 MHz: AM –4.4 dB  (0.6  V)
FM –10.4 dB  (0.3  V)
WFM –1.0 dB  (0.9  V)
160 ~ 370 MHz: AM –4.4 dB  (0.6  V)
FM –10.4 dB  (0.3  V)
WFM –4.4 dB  (0.6  V)
370 ~ 520 MHz: FM –10.4 dB  (0.3  V)
WFM 0 dB  (1.0  V)
520 ~ 1300 MHz: FM –3.0 dB  (0.7  V)
WFM 9.5 dB  (3.0  V)                                                       
Selectivity:  WFM 200 kHz/–6 dB
AM/FM 16 kHz/–6 dB
Conducted Spurious Emission: Less than –54 dBm
Supply Voltage:  2.2 ~ 3.5 V DC; Internal Battery (Nominal: 3.0 V DC)
5.5 ~ 10.0 V DC (EXT DC)
Current Consumption:  Approx. 95 mA (Receive, AF Output 50 mW)
Approx. 15 mA (Standby, Saver 1:4 on)
Approx. 55 mA (Standby, Saver off)
Operating Temp:  0 C ~ +50 C
AF Output:  Approx. 80 mW (8 % THD)
Case Size:  85 X 59 X 26 mm w/o knobs
Weight: Approx.  195 g w/battery & antenna
Click to download VR-120 OM (VR-120D[1].pdf 650 Kb)
 Operating Manual for the VR-120
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