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G-2800DXC Extra Heavy-Duty Rotator
Yaesu G-2800DXC Extra Heavy-Duty Rotator

Our newest top-of-the-line rotator is for extra-heavy-duty antenna installations. It includes “Auto Slow Start” and “Auto Slow Stop” features to avoid sharp jolts to the antenna array and tower. The G-2800DXC includes a rugged mast clamp for easy installation. Total rotation range: 450°, with presets.

We think that due to Its innovative planetary gear rotation system, it make this top-of-the-line rotator the best one on the market.

Note: Rotators don't usually come with a control cable; please check with the dealer.
Key Features:

Compass Display
Stop may be set at North of South.
Preset Control
For hands-free rotation during busy operating sessions.
Variable Speed
50 - 120 seconds for 360º rotation.
Planetary Gear System
For improved braking and precision when using large arrays.
Variable-Voltage DC Motor
Designed for mounting INSIDE a support tower, at least 1m from the top.


 G-2800DXC Rotator

Recommended Application Top of the Line, Low Profile, High Torque.
Planetary Gears improve braking for large 
arrays; heavy-duty applications.
Recommended for IN-TOWER mounting.

Wind Load  3m²
K-Factor (Turning Radius x Weight of Ae)  950
Stationary Torque  25,000 kg/cm
Rotation Torque  2,500 to 800 kg/cm
Max Vertical Load  300 kg
Max Vertical Intermittend Load  1,200 kg
Backlash  0.2º
Mast Size  48 to 63 Φ
360º Rotation Time  45 to 120 sec
180º Elevation Time  N/A
Boom Diametre  N/A
Rotator Diametre x Height  200 Φ x 345
Weight  6.5 kg
Cable Requirement (# wires)  6

Specifications are subject to change 
without notice or obligation.

  • G-2800DXC Rotator
  • Mast Clamp
  • Controller
  • Mounting Hardware
  • User Manual
Click to download Yaesu Rotators Br (Rotator_Pamphlet.pdf 521 Kb)
 Yaesu Rotators Brochure
Click to download G1000/G2800 DXC OM (G-1000DXC_2800DXC.pdf 3 Mb)
 Operating Manual for the G1000DXC and the G2800DXC Rotators
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