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G-550 Medium-Duty Antenna Elevation Rotator
Yaesu G-550 Medium-Duty Antenna Elevation Rotator for Space/Satellite Communication.

For adding Elevation capability to an existing Azimuth rotation system, use the G-550 Elevation Rotator. 
Providing 180 of rotation (horizon to horizon), the G-550 includes a handsome controller with a large, easy-to-read display meter.  

The G-550 is designed to accommodate small- and medium-size antenna arrays. The maximum safe load depends on the physical size of the antenna, method and quality of mechanical installation, and maximum wind velocity at the installation site.

Note: Cable is not included with the rotator, as the length must be determined case-by-case. Contact your Yaesu dealer to obtain the length of cable your installation requires. For runs of over 100 feet, use #18 AWG instead of #20 AWG

The Yaesu G-550 provides 180 elevation control of unidirectional satellite antenna arrays under remote control from the station operating position.

The factory-lubricated rotator unit is housed in weatherproof melamine resin coated die-cast aluminum, to provide maintenance-free operation under all climatic conditions.


G-550 Elevation Rotator 

Recommended Application Elevation Rotator for Space/Satellite Communication
Wind Load  1.0  m
K-Factor (Turning Radius x Weight of Ae)  60
Stationary Torque  4,000kg/cm
Rotation Torque  1,400kg/cm
Max Vertical Load  30kg
Max Vertical Intermittend Load  100kg
Backlash  1
Mast Size  38 - 62 Φ
360 Rotation Time  N/A
180 Elevation Time  EL: 80 Sec @ 50Hz
Boom Diametre  EL: 32 - 43 Φ
Rotator Diametre x Height  254 (W) x 190 (H)
Weight  3.5kg
Cable Requirement (# cores/wires)  6

Specifications are subject to change 
without notice or obligation.

  • Elevation Rotator
  • Controller (with screw terminal for control cable)
  • One (1) external Multi-Pin Round plug with Weather-proof Boot
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Instruction Manual
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