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FTM-350 Dual Band APRS Mobile Transceiver
  • A Totally New Advanced Dual Band/Dual Receive Mobile Radio
  • Two Separate Receivers with Individual Volume Control
  • GPS / APRS® / Bluetooth® Features (APRS = Automatic Packet Reporting System)
  • 144/430 MHz 50 W FM Dual Band Transceiver
  • DTMF Microphone Included
  • User-selectable multi-colour dot matrix display (detachable from main body)
Key features

 Lots of Reliable Power Output
50 Watts of Reliable Power on both 2 m and 70 cm.
Yaesu's renowned high quality Die Cast Aluminium Chassis design allows stable continuous high output power operation when you need it most.
Fantastic Large and Flexible LCD Display
Incredibly flexible Dual Band Display. You can easily set your own individual preference for Dual Receive and Full-Duplex operation. 5.2"x1.6" (130x40 mm) Large dot matrix (264x64 dots) LCD display for comfortable viewing - night or day. 
Numerous useful displays are available with the optional FGPS-1 GPS Receiver and Antenna. (Optional FGPS-2 External GPS Receiver and Antenna + CT-133 (cable) + CT-136 (adapter) are also available.) 
Choose your favourite LCD display colour - 8 vibrant Colour Options!
Loads of APRS® Flexibility
Complete with TNC and compatible with various APRS® information and functions - Receive WX info from other APRS® weather stations, exchange messages (max 67 characters using the APRS® function, etc.
Dual Speakers on Control Head
Built-in Dual Speakers on the rear of the Control Head with Independent Volume Controls for maximum flexibility
Control Head Separation with Ease
The Display Control Head is designed for easy separation from the main RF Power Unit - 10 foot control cable included. Optional 20 foot control cable available.
Band Scope
High-speed Band Scope included for rapidly checking band activity.
Bluetooth® Capabilities
The optional Bluetooth Unit (BU-1) provides hands-free radio operation with our Optional Bluetooth headset BH-1A (monaural) or BH-2A (Stereo).
SmartBeaconing™ Included
SmartBeaconing™ from HamHUD Nichetronix is able to modify its own beacon rate in response to the motion of the vehicle. Since the APRS network has limited bandwidth, SmartBeaconing™ transmits an optimal amount of position information with a minimal amount of QRM to other network users - making FTM-350R users some of the most "efficient" on the network. 
Read more about this very useful feature at http://www.hamhud.net/hh2/smartbeacon.html
Cross-Band Repeat Capability
For emergency work, or to extend the range of a hand-held unit, the FTM-350R includes Cross-Band Repeat capability.
Huge Memory Channel Management Capability!
500 Independent memory channels with memory name tag function (up to 8 characters) for each L and R band (1000 channels total), + 9 PMS (Programmable Band Limit Memory Scan) channels for each L and R band (18 channels in total), + a rewritable preferred channel for each L and R band, + 31 channels specifically allocated for the Smart Search function
Special Features when communicating with FTM-350R & VX-8R/DR Transceivers
Able to display your friends APRS® stations (FTM-350R and VX-8R / DR) directions, distances and other information in relation to your location.
Packet Compatible
1200 / 9600 bps packet port (8-pin mini DIN)
Wideband Receiver
Wideband Receive: 
L-band: 0.5 MHz – 1.8 MHz (AM Broadcast band) 
76 MHz – 108 MHz (FM Broadcast band) 
108 MHz–250 MHz / 300–1000MHz 
R-band: Amateur R
Listen to FM Broadcast Stations in Stereo
Built-in stereo decoder for FM Broadcast: Listen to FM Broadcast in Stereo with dual speakers on the rear of the control head!
Optional FPR-1 Monitor Unit
Optional FPR-1 Monitor Unit receives your transmission out to about 1,000 ft (300 m) depending on transmit power and other conditions. Give to others to hear your transmissions during emergencies, special events, and so many other operations so that they can follow the situation.
DTMF Microphone Included
The front panel Built-in Microphone activates PTT transmission. A MH-48A6JA / conventional hand microphone with DTMF is also included with the radio.
DTMF Autodial
DTMF Autodial (Memory) with 16 digits/9 memories.
"Line In" input permits playing your favourite stereo music from other devices. 
Barometric Pressure Sensor
Built-in Barometric Pressure Sensor; the radio can monitor and display your altitude (with optional GPS unit) and pressure.
Specifications (User may need to activate Set Mode Menu B05: Rx Expansion (set to Wide Coverage)

General Specifications


Receive Frequency Range (Left Rx) 0.5 - 1.8 Mhz

  76 - 108 Mhz
  108 - 250 Mhz
  300 - 1000 Mhz
  Audio Line-in
Receive Frequency Range (Right Rx) 137 - 174 Mhz
  400 - 480 Mhz
Transmit Frequency Range 2m/70cm Amateur Bands
Frequency Stability ± 5ppm
Sensitivity 0.2µV (12 dB SINAD; 2m & 70cm)
Operating Temperature Range -10ºC to +60ºC
Emission Types/Modes F1, F2, F3, Pkt 1200/9600
Frequency Steps 5, 6.25, 8.33, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100, 200kHz
Antennae Impedance 50Ω
Power Consumption 0.5A (Rx)
  10A (Tx, 144MHz 50W)
  12A (Tx, 430MHz 50W)
Supply Voltage Nominal: 13.8VDC, Negative Ground
  Operating: 11.7 ~ 15.8 VDC, Negative Ground
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm) Panel: 157 x 66 x 33.5 (w/o knobs & connectors)
  Rear Chassis: 140 x 46 x 150 (w/o connectors)
Weight (Approx.) 2.1kg (Panel + Rear Chassis + Connection Cable)
Package Contents

  • FTM-350 Transceiver
  • MH-48A6JA DTMF Microphone
  • Mobile Mounting Bracket for Display and Rear Chassis
  • DC Power Cord with fuses (approx 2.5m)
  • Control Cable (3m; Display to Rear Chassis separation)
  • Speaker Cable (stereo plug to 2 x mono sockets )
  • Spare Fuse (15A, 32V)
  • Operating Manual
  • APRS Manual
  • Warranty Card
Press Releases
Click to download Bluetooth Compatibility (BluetoothProfiles.pdf 31 Kb)
 Bluetooth Profiles and Compatibility
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