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FT-60E Dual Band Transceiver
Yaesu's 144/430 MHz 5-Watt FM Hand-held was introduced at Dayton 2004. The FT-60E includes wide receiver coverage, outstanding audio quality, the most CTCSS/DCS flexibility in the industry, and a new Emergency Automatic Identification (EAI) feature for search-and-rescue work.
Small Size
Allows you to take it anywhere, and its operating flexibility brings the user many avenues of operating enjoyment.

Plenty of Power
Its incredibly tiny FNB-83 rechargeable Ni-Mh battery pack provides up to 5 watts of transmit power on 144MHz and 430MHz Amateur Bands

Great Receiver Coverage

Besides the 2m and 70cm transceive operations, the FT-60E provides receive coverage of the VHF and UHF TV Bands, the VHF AM aircraft band, and a wide range of commercial and public safety frequencies.

***New Features***

Emergency Automatic ID (EAI)
Ideal for search-and-rescue work, the EAI feature can be commanded on so as to identify your FT-60E, and engage your PTT and microphone, remotely in an emergency situation. So if you don't check in during a search, help can be dispatched, with the automatic TX function allowing others to perform direction finding.

Enhanced Paging and Code Squelch (EPCS)
Allows you to page a particular station and only receive calls from that station if desired.

To prevent an unauthorized person from using your FT-60E, you may engage a security password that must be keyed in prior to operation, if you like.

ARTS (Auto-range Transponding System)
Yaesu's exclusive ARTS™ that "beeps" the user when you move out of communications range
with another ARTS™ equipped station, plus provision for reduction of the TX deviation in areas of high channel congestion.

WIRES™ (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System)
The FT-60E includes provision for easy access to Yaesu’s WiRES™ Internet linking nodes, as well as other linking systems that require a DTMF string for access.
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice, and are guaranteed within the 144 and 430MHz Amateur Bands only. Frequency ranges will vary according to transceiver version; check with your dealer.

Specifications FT-60E
Frequency Ranges RX
  108 - 137MHz (Air Band)
  137 - 520 MHz (AM/FM)
  700 - 999.990MHz (FM)
  144 - 146MHz [EU Version]
  430 - 440MHz [EU Version]
Channel Steps 5/10/12.5/15/20/25/50/100kHz
Frequency Stability ±5ppm @ -10ºC to +60ºC
Repeater Shift ±600kHz (144MHz), ±1.6/7.6MHz (430MHz)
Emission Type F2D, F3E
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Supply Voltage  
Nominal   7.2VDC, Negative Ground
Operating   6.0 - 16.0VDC (EXT DC Jack)
  11.0 - 16.0VDC (EXT DC Jack with Charging)
Current Consumption 125mA (Receive)
(approx. @ 7.2V) 45mA (144MHz, Standby, Saver Off)
  47mA (430MHz, Standby, Saver Off)
  19mA (Standby, Saver Off)
  0.8mA (Auto Power Off)
  1.5A (5W TX, 144MHz)
  1.6A (5W TX, 430MHz)
Operating Temperature -20ºC to +60ºC
Case Size (W x H x D, mm) 58 x 109 x 30
Weight (approx., g) 370, with FNB-83 and antenna
RF Power Output (approx.) 5.0W (High), 2.0W (Middle), 0.5W (Low).
Modulation Type Variable Reactance (F2D, F3E)
Maximum Deviation ±5.0kHz (F2D, F3E)
Spurious Emission at least 60dB down (Hi & Middle power)
  at least 40dB down (Low power)
Microphone Impedance 2kΩ
Circuit Type Double-Conversion Superheterodyne
Intermediate Frequencies (IF) 1st: 47.25MHz
  2nd: 450kHz
Sensitivity 0.8µV TYP for 10dB SN (108 - 137MHz, AM)
  0.2µV for 12dB SINAD (137 - 140MHz, FM)
  0.16µV for 12dB SINAD (140 - 150MHz, FM)
  0.2µV for 12dB SINAD (150 - 174MHz, FM)
  0.3µV TYP for 12dB SINAD (174 - 300MHz, FM)
  0.8µV for 10dB SN (300 - 336MHz, AM)
  0.25µV for 12dB SINAD (336 - 420MHz, FM)
  0.2µV for 12dB SINAD (420 - 470MHz, FM)
  0.25µV for 12dB SINAD (470 - 520MHz, FM)
  0.5µV TYP for 12dB SINAD (800 - 900MHz, FM)
  0.8µV TYP for 12dB SINAD (900 - 999.990MHz, FM)
Selectivity 12kHz/35kHz (-6dB/-60dB)
AF Output 400mW @ 8W for 10% THD (@ 7.5V)
  • FT-60E Transceiver
  • FNB-83 NiMh Battery Pack, 7.2V, 1400mAh
  • NC-88 Overnight Battery Charger (10h)
  • Belt Clip
  • Antenna
  • Operating Manual
  • Warranty Card
Click to download FT-60 Br (FT-60R_New Product News.pdf 272 Kb)
 FT-60 Brochure
Click to download FT-60 OM (FT-60R_Operating Manual.pdf 2.4 Mb)
 Operating Manual for the FT-60
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